There are three aspects to this region: the beaches, such as around the Mar Menor, the naval port and chemical works at Cartagena and the intensive agriculture reliant on greenhouse growing. Each of these relies on the one thing Murcia cannot provide in sufficient abundance, water. Thus a major canal system brings water from the Tajo basin but a new one, planned to bring water from the Ebro, was recently shelved as being too expensive. Several plants converting sea water for consumption are planned, while one is already working.

Population: (1/2008) 1,424,063 of whom 224,098 (15.7%) are foreigners (including -2004 data- some 18,000 from EU 15, 7,000 from Romania and Bulgaria, 47,000 from Africa -mostly Marocco- 75,000 from South America)

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The New York Times explains why the town of Palomares is especially against nuclear power.

The Churches

Pray for spiritual rain to supply the most desperate need of the population.

Membership: (PTL 1997) 2,799
Churches: 53
Town with over 5,000 inhabitants but no evangelical church: 8 (Decisión 2008)
List of unevangelised towns