El Pilar cathedral at Zaragoza by night

El Pilar cathedral at Zaragoza by night

Spreading from the high Pyrenees in the north to the mountainous Iberian range to the south, most of the population live in or close to Zaragoza, the region's capital, on the river Ebro. The remainder of the region includes sparsely populated areas, particularly the Monegros desert. (A current political campaign runs under the name "Teruel exists", aiming to remind politicians of a long-forgotten province!) A small proportion of the population speak a dialect, Aragonese. Some Bible translation work is being done in this language by SIL (Site in Spanish).

Population (1/2008): 1,352,272 of whom 153,990 (11.6%) foreigners

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Expo Zaragoza 2008
Evangelical programme at the Expo

The churches

Membership (PTL 1997): 2,613
Churches: 57
Towns with over 5,000 inhabitants with no evangelical church: 9 (Decisión 2008)
List of major unevangelised towns in the province of Zaragoza. Click on lower left hand map for other provinces.

Agua Viva 2008

In 2008 a major initiative of the churches coincided with and was fully involved with the World Water Expo. The Agua Viva pavilion was built and run by members of the city's evangelical churches. 330,000 visited the pavilion, some 5% of the Expo's total, although the cost of just over one Euro per person was fearsome for the churches. Concurrently, the churches ran outreaches every afternoon in parks around the city, with most of the country's evangelism ministries supporting the effort. Read our report of involvement here