Madrid, capital of Spain

Royal Palace

Royal Palace

The palace (above) was the setting for the May 22nd (2004) Royal Wedding of Prince Felipe with Leticia Ortiz.

Madrid is the administrative capital and largest city of Spain, as well as being the most populated province.

3/11 Madrid Massacre

Memorial to Madrid Bombings (11 march 04)

Memorial to Madrid Bombings (11 march 04)

This figured highly in the news. The bombings hit passengers on 4 commuter trains on the morning of 11th March, 2004. 190 people lost their lives in the Al Quaida inspired attack. A report is available here


Population: City (2001 Census): 2,938,723
Province (1/2008): 6,251,876 of whom 991,259 (15.7%) are foreigners.

Altitude: 700 m, over 2000 feet above sea level. It is therefore the highest capital city in Europe and its climate reflects this.


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Despite the 3/11 bombings, Madrid had 13% more tourists in 2004 than the previous year.

The churches

Membership: (PTL 1997) 13,233
Churches: 189
Towns with over 5,000 inhabitants and no evangelical church: 17 (Decisión 2008)
List of unevangelised towns.
Official churches' page (Spanish).

Open Air in Madrid's 'Puerta del Sol' (CJM)

Open Air in Madrid's 'Puerta del Sol' (CJM)

Church growth has been considerable since the transition to democracy (late 1970s), through both nationals and missionaries. Much of Spain's mission force is based around the city. There has been considerable growth in the population of both Madrid itself and surrounding satellite cities in the past years and while there are few complete towns with no witness, there remain large neighbourhoods with little or no witness. Churches have found it difficult to establish visible points of witness in newer areas, due to building prices, but gradually members are able to move into these areas.

Prayer requests

Prayer Walk Madrid Prayerwalk.PDF
With this (cut and paste) guide, from SBC, you can walk and pray the streets of central Madrid.

KM0 photo Open Air in Sol

Km-0 at the very centre of Madrid... and Spain

Pray for the outreach ministry KM-0 in Madrid's central Puerta del Sol square. On this blog they write (mainly) about their open air ministry,

Another interesting ministry is reaching out to Urban Professionals. Their web has some useful links.

FestiMadrid, Luís Palau outreach June 2005

Pray for follow up of this important event, supported by many of the region's churches. A major christian music festival brought together some of the Spanish-speaking world's top performers, while Luís Palau spoke from time to time from the stage. Over 70,000 heard the Gospel over the two days.

Dates: 24th and 25th June



For more information concerning last year's 3/11 terror bombings, read this page.