Asturias, 'cradle' of Christian Spain and heart of the 'Green Spain'

Autumn in Asturias

Autumn in Asturias

Situated along the northern "green" coast of Spain, it is a mountainous region, as the land climbs steeply from the coast up to the "Peaks of Europe". Nestled in one of the deep valleys is the monastery of Covadonga, where a group of Visigothic, Christian warriors hid before sallying forth to start the "reconquest" of Spain from the muslim Moors.

Due to its history, the heir to the Spanish throne, currently prince Felipe, carries the title of Prince of Asturias. Spain's most prestigious prizes, sort of mini-Nobels, also bear the name Prince of Asturias prizes. And incidentally Letizia, prince Felipe's wife, was also born in the principality.

The mountains of Asturias, as well as their beauty, hold reserves of coal, although in dwindling and ever less economical quantities.

SPORT: Fernando Alonso, formula 1 driver, is from this region. He is the youngest ever driver to win a Grand Prix (24 August 2003, aged 23) and brought victory to Renault for the first time in 20 years. He finished the '03 season in sixth place, rocketing him to international fame, before going on to become World Champion.
Some of the most attractive climbs on the cycling Vuelta de España are usually also in the region, such as the Lagos de Covadonga. More about the race

Population 1/2008: 1,079,215 of whom 40,171 (3.7%) are foreigners. This is one of the only Spanish regions with a stagnant population but for the 3,500 new foreigners this year.
Number of municipal districts: 78

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The Churches

Churches: 38
Membership est. (PTL 1997): 1,833

This is the region with the largest number of significant sized towns with no evangelical church. In 2007 there were 23 towns with over 5000 inhabitants with no evangelical church. The most significant of these are: Aller, Cangas de Narcea, Castrillón, Corvera de Asturias, Laviana, San Martín del Rey Aurelio and Valdés. (Decisión 2008)

List of unevangelised towns.

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