Situated half way along Spain's northern 'Green Coast', Cantabria is one of the most beautiful regions, extending from the sandy beaches of the Bay of Biscay up to the 'Peaks of Europe' mountains. Many Spaniards who are looking to escape the heat of summer head north to this region which is also far less industrialised than the Basque country to one side and Asturias on the other. Many rare species of animals (i.e bears) and birds can also be found (or traced) and fishing is good, too. In addition to the beautiful countryside, many visitors head for the prehistoric caves of Altamira or the medieval village of Santillana del Mar.

Population (1/2008): 581,215 of whom 33,098 (5.7%) are foreigners

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Membership (PTL 1997): 751
Churches: 14
Towns with over 5,000 inhabitants with no evangelical church: 4 (Decisión 2008)
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