Spanish Prayer Network

This is a loosely knit network of individuals and groups committed to pray for the evangelisation of Spain.

The objective is to pray for all the evangelistic events which are taking place.

Madrid, 10-03-2003 ''Lord give me Scotland or I'll die!'' John Knox's declaration and prayerfully followed through effort in evangelism and prayer, brought Scotland to Christ. In December 2001 the Spanish Evangelists' Conference, attended by 600 people, prayed along the same lines for Spain. A prayer network was set up in the wake of this conference and ran for five years, through email and web prayer letters. It's influence has now spread to a variety of initiatives, some of which already existed in smaller form, some of which are new.

There remain about 7500 of the 8000 municipal districts (cities, towns and villages, or groups of villages) which still have no evangelical church. The concern to reach these was the spark which grew into the Prayer Network. More recently, initiatives such as the 40 days of prayer, organised through Intercessors for Spain since 2006 and Spain Prays for Spain in 2008 have gathered together praying believers to ask God's blessing on the country and the conversion of many.

During recent years, many have been the answers to our prayer. The numbers attending evangelical churches have grown considerably, as the Lord has brought many from other lands. Nevertheless, there remains an urgent need to reach the native Spanish population, which in general has become increasingly disaffected from 'organised religion', a term here used to include evangelical churches.

Our prayer requests in prayer letter format can be read here: (latest, recent letters, original series of letters)