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Adopt an unevangelised town in Spain!

While much of the Spanish population live in the larger towns and cities which currently have at least one evangelical church, almost a quarter of the 46 million have no ready access to the Gospel through the presence of a church. Some of these 10 million would have to drive (at 50mph) over an hour -even two- to reach their closest evangelical church.

Decision is a ministry which has over the past 30 years aimed to make known and work to fulfil the need to plant churches in the remaining towns and villages of Spain, so that everyone has easy access to the Gospel. In particular, they are concerned that every town with over 5,000 inhabitants should have a church within the coming years. 'Pueblo' is Spanish for town or village, but also for 'a people (group)'.

In the latest survey published by Decision (Dec 2013), the largest 'pueblo' in Spain with neither church, active work towards that end or even a handful of church members living in the municipality -or a church close by, is Ordes, in Galicia, with a population of 13,000 inhabitants. Five years ago, there were 16 towns of over 20,000 inhabitants without any witness. However, there is still one town in this category, if you exclude those catering exclusively for foreigners, or specific people groups, such as the gypsies. Moguer, near Huelva (Andalusia) has just over 20,000 inhabitants. Widening the catchment again to include large towns which have close neighbours with churches, there are still 14 towns over 20,000.

What to do:

If you would like to adopt a town, we recommend you go straight to their PDF prayer leaflet and find a town off the list. (You can also get to their lists from our regions pages, after getting some more regional information! However, some of the direct links from the p4s regions pages are faulty.) There are so many to choose from. Then send us a message to let us know which town you have chosen! In return, we will get information about the town and about any attempts being made to reach it. Email form below.
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