The Spanish churches have declared June 8th to be a day to pray for Spain.

The Federation of Spanish Evangelical Churches, FEREDE has got behind a group of believers in calling for 8th June 2013 (14th June 2014) to be a special day for prayer for Spain. The group has called this event España, oramos por ti (Spain we're praying for you). Years after the Evangelists' Conference held a number of prayer days in October (coinciding with Reformation Day), it is encouraging that another group has now taken this event to a new level. We would love to invite concerned people within and outside Spain to join us in this and get their churches involved, too. If you are part of a prayer group for Spain or on the leadership of a church or other ministry, involve others! How can you get involved?

You could hold a prayer day another day, should this be more convenient for you!

Whether you choose to keep to the specified date or select one convenient for you or your church or friends, the following tips could be helpful:

  1. Gather more prayer information from this site and the linked sites, or your own mission links, so that you can collect together a package of information, prayer requests and items of thanks.
  2. Get hold of a map of Spain to help you locate the major cities and regions.
  3. Get a copy of Operation World and other books and reports on Spain and use the information you find there for prayer.
  4. Read our Facebook Page which brings you up to date with the latest requests and news from Spain and the Spanish churches.
  5. Collect some more general information about Spain which might make the day more interesting: make Spanish food like a Paella (for the adventurous) or Spanish Tortilla (potato and onion omelette - not to be confused with the Mexican food of the same name), etc. Spain is renowned for its 'Tapas', light snacks which when combined make a meal for most. A few olives, potato crisps/chips, almonds instead of peanuts and you already have the makings of some easy Tapas! More on this below. Get or make a Spanish flag.If you have a Spanish tourist office near you, get hold of some posters and other materials.
  6. Have some fun while praying for Spain!
  7. If it isn't possible to do more, take a few minutes to pray through some of the information you have
  8. Take an offering or make one yourself and send it to a mission involved in the work in Spain


Just in case you want to take the food idea seriously, I have looked out a few urls with recipes:

General introduction to Spanish food, with recipe section - masses of them if you can only find your way around! (But NO tortilla!)


My favourite
Fine Cooking


La Paella (Spanish)
Sally's Place
Paella Pans -and olive oil- for sale in the States
Paella World Pans and ingredients available in the UK.

Most of these sites will open out to you other interesting Spanish or international recipes and much more!

PrayforSpain takes no responsibility for the edibility of recipes taken off other sites!