7 Days of Prayer to Change Spain

Seven Days to Change Spain through Prayer

Here is a simple day-to-day guide with pointers so that you can take a few minutes each day to pray for Spain. You can suplement these suggestions with information from the rest of the site. It should be possible to print out this page without too much difficulty!

Sunday - Churches

Pray for spiritual growth in the personal lives, families and ministries of church leaders; that churches will be planted in the 90% of all towns and villages where there are still no evangelical churches; that God would raise up leaders and the finances to support them and the local church ministry; for a broader vision of the church than merely a local one, to include a vision for missions. More: general Specific regions

Monday - National leaders, the king, the government, political decisions

Pray for leaders at all levels of government; for correct decisions regarding changes in policy, justice and the underlying values; for more involvement by christians in civil life in general and a vision to move into wider areas of activity, including politics; for young people with potential also to commit themselves to training for national leadership roles in addition to servant roles within the churches and para-church ministries. More

Tuesday - Prayer

Pray that God would raise up many intercessors within Spain and outside to cover the land round the clock in prayer; give thanks for the Evangelical Alliance prayer week and year-round calendar, the national prayer network, which ran from 2003 to 2006, the 40 days of prayer initiative which started in 2006 and 'Spain Prays for Spain' in 2008 and pray for their continuation in new formats; that new and more ambitious objectives may be established in and for prayer. More about the Spanish Prayer network

Wednesday - Evangelism

Give thanks for the growth of the churches through evangelism over the past 30 years of democracy; pray that the churches and their members will not falter in sharing their faith in practical ways as well as in clear proclamation; that young (and older) people will commit part of their holidays to join the numerous campaigns which are held every summer and at other times of year; that the Lord would continue to send cross-cultural workers to Spain and provide them with the material and spiritual resources to stay on the job as they become better adapted and able to communicate; that the Spanish Evangelists' Conference would truly become a motivating force supporting the initiatives of the churches; that the Lord would do His part in response to ours, resulting in a great harvest.

Thursday - Specialist Ministries

Give thanks for the special ministries which have been established over the past years to reach out to such disparate groups as drug addicts, students, the disabled and prisoners; pray especially for more evangelical students and that they would fearlessly witness for their faith, linking together in Christian Unions; for those former drug addicts who have been rehabilitated and are struggling to settle back into everyday life, a stable job and witness to family members and new and old friends. More about ministries

Friday - Resources

Give thanks for the availability of the Bible in the major Spanish languages, plus a great variety of literature: commentaries, Bible dictionaries, topical books and testimonies; also for film videos, message and music tapes & CDs, etc; pray for their correct distribution and use; pray also and above all for workers to go into the harvest fields of Spain, for pastors and teachers and for candidates for Bible training; for finances to back up the other resources; for God's people to be open to serve Him in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Saturday - Unity

Pray for love and acceptance between denominations; for partnerships and cooperation between churches and mission agencies; for the forgiveness and healing of past and current divisions between Christians; for an upholding of the primary unity which demonstrates God's unity: marriage and the family.

Thanks to Hope for Europe and the French churches for many of the ideas in these requests!