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29 August. Today we have started a new section in PrayforSpain. We will be archiving old news on a month-by-month basis so that a record is kept. As time goes by we also hope to begin to cover more themes in the news with comment in the comment section. more >>

Busy travel weekend as Spain returns to work.

30 August. The last August holidaymakers are busy packing. Between today and tomorrow they have to get back home from their holiday homes and hotels. Over 5 million road traffic movements are expected this weekend, extra train services are being laid on and flights are all full. more >>

Aznar to appoint successor - name on Monday, probably Rajoy

30 August. President Aznar has announced he will inform us of the name of his successor on Monday. On Tuesday the governing Partido Popular will have the chance to ratify this appointee. The most probable name, according to informed sources, is vice president Rajoy.Other changes in the cabinet are also mooted. more >>

Aznar to appoint successor - name on Monday

29 August. President Aznar has announced he will inform us of the name of his successor on Monday. On Tuesday the governing Partido Popular will have the chance to ratify this appointee. Other changes in the cabinet are also mooted. more >>

29 August, resumé

Madrid: elections called today for 26 Oct. disolves regional asembly, shortest ever; survey puts governing PP ahead of socialist PSOE in voting intentions - with 8 months to go for national elections; several new forest fires, mostly arson, along Med. coast; confessed murderer of 3 released before trial - after four years the case has not reached court- national justice leaders concerned, number of prisoners up over 20% since 2000; Americans pulled out of Iraqui region now 'protected' by Spanish troops; 7th worker dies from burns caused by oil refinery explosion at Puertollano; political climate warming up after the summer break; more >>

See the views of Mars from the Teide observatory

The observatory at Teide, Tenerife, is one of the most important in the world. The volcano Teide is also Spain's highest mountain. At night (GMT) over the next day or two you will be able to see the spectacular views of Mars. more >>

Crucifix cause of death

27 August. Last Sunday a man was murdered by being hit numerous times with a marble crucifix. Another reason to do away with images! more >>

Saenz de Santamaría dies

26 August. Lieutenant General José Antonio Saenz de Santamaría has died at the age of 84. For many years the head of the National Police, the main claim to fame of this general was his willingness to stand in obediance to king Juan Carlos on the night of the attempted coup, 23 February 1981. more >>

100 confirmed to have died due to heat stroke in recent heat wave

The total number of deaths in Spain due to the terrible heat wave of the first half of August is now reported to have been 100. This is far less than the numbers reported in France(11.435) or Portugal (1,500). more >>

AC Press: ICPress returns under new name and URL

20 August. We are delighted to inform you that AC Press, the new press service of the Spanish evangelical churches, is in the process of being relaunched under the name Protestante Digital. Today we have not found an English language section, but this wil surely follow before the official launch date on 5th September. more >>

Malaga girl missing - body positively identified

21 August. Yesterday, after a 24 hour autopsy it was finally determined that the body found close to Coín was indeed that of the missing girl Sonia Carabantes. 17 year old Sonia went missing on the night of the 14th, In Coin, Málaga (Andalusia). It appears to have been a nasty rape and murder. There are several suspects, who are being closely watched. more >>

War of the Worms: Panda 'warns' of a saviour virus which destroys 'Blaster' (Lovesan)

19 August. Spain's nº1 Antivirus company Panda has just advised of a new virus which has been found to delete Blaster/Lovesan and its effects from your computer. more >>

Graffiti against new mosque appears in Granada

19 August. Last month a new mosque was opened in Granada. This morning graffiti was found on the walls of St Nicholas church, opposite, against the new building: 'No to the mosque in a Christian neighbourhood. Over 19 centuries of Christianity in Granada.' more >>

From Fires to Storms in 24 hours: fire services change roles

17 August. Over night hail storms and heavy rain hit many parts of northern Spain. Alcañiz, in Teruel, Aragon, was particularly hit with many roofs and cars damaged; also parts of Catalonia, including many beaches. more >>

Dutch victim of ETA bomb leaves hospital

12 August. PTL! The Dutch student injured in the ETA bomb which was set off on 22nd July has left hospital. There are no more victims in hospital. more >>

Fire and Heat update - Five dead in fire, 30 from heat

12/13/14 August. Five people died on 11th August attempting to escape from a major fire, which continues uncontrolled, in St. Llorenç Savall in Catalonia. Update: another fire close by, at Gallifa, has now joined up and over 5,000 hectares have burnt. more >>

Campaign News

We have jst received the following report from the Decision church-planting campaign in Cuidad Rodrigo, Salamanca. more >>

1,300 Spanish troops arriving in Iraq to support intervention force.

11 August This week 915 Spanish troops will join the 490 already in Iraq (of whom, about 100 will return home). more >>

Youth dies of wounds after being stuck by bull's horn

8 August. A young man died during the night of injuries caused by a bull during village fiestas in the town of Xaló, Alicante. more >>

Trapped miners and tunnellers rescued

7 August. PTL! In León workers have succeeded in a two day effort to to rescue two coal face workers trapped in a mine, while in Segovia, over 30 tunnellers on the Madrid-Valladolid high speed rail line were trapped for several hours yesterday more >>

Authorities continue ban on campaign activity in the port of Algeciras

Your prayers, please for the leadership of Operation Transit, reaching out to North Africans in transit between their home countries and places of work at this time of holidays. As reported last month in the Barrett's news, the Port Authority at the main port, Algeciras, has banned the activities of the teams in the port area. more >>

Arise, Spain and SHINE!

Bulletin nº6 (August '03) more >>

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