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March 18th, one year on, resumé.

(Sport news click more) 3 ETA suspects arrented in Montpellier, France; 16th: lawyer Fernando del Valle, principal suspect in Costa del Sol fraud investigation now charged; 17 arrested in anti-narcotics operation in north; Other recent news includes: 15th: 3 presumed ETA terrorists arrested in Basque regions; 13th:major police operation against international money laundering on Costa del Sol underway - numerous arrested, 5 in prison; 11th:chimes of 650 church bells fill morning air in Madrid in memory of last year's 191 dead more >>

News from the Churches

Buenas Noticias TV, the weekly evangelical programme on the national station TVE, has now double the air time, with 15 minutes each week. In addition, from March it is now aired in Spain at the later time of 9.00 on TVE2, a welcome change for Spaniards who like to lie in on Sunday mornings! It can also be seen on the international satellite ch l TVE Internacional on Sundays at 06.30 GMT in Europe, more >>

Madrid's skyline burns

14th February. Yesterday, Sunday, the Windsor building, part of Madrid's AZCA skyline and Spanish head office of Deloitte, burnt down in a fire reminiscent of 9/11. The cause is believed to have been a short circuit on the 21st floor. Meanwhile, in Barcelona, hundreds are homeless as tunnelling caused their homes to collapse: see below. more >>

New ETA blow and counter blow - Madrid's Trade Fair hit

9th February. Over night 14 presumed members of ETA were arrested. In a counter blow, ETA set off a car bomb in Madrid's trade fair, slightly wounding 42 people, just hours before king Carlos was to open the annunal ARCO modern art exhibition. Evangelical leader Jose Pablo Sanchez had passed the street corner just minutes before the explosion. more >>

The Sea Inside wins Oscar

28th February. Alejandro Amenábar's controversial film The Sea Inside (in Spanish Mar Adentro) has won the Oscar for the best foreign language film, having previously been awarded numerous awards in Europe and America. Variously praised or condemned for its replay of the euthanasia of Spaniard Ramón Sampedro in 1998. more >>

EU Constitution approved in Referendum

20 February. A referendum held today to approve the new European Constitution has brought out only 40% of the electorate, of whom just over 75% voted in favour, with 17% against. more >>

News theme: Basque politics and ETA

Until 2003, terrorism in Spain meant ETA. Bombs, or bomb threats, assassinations and extortion were a regular part of life, affecting few directly, but leaving no one completely sure that it could not hit him or her. Evidently, the events of 11th March, 2004 changed the whole way Spaniards look at terrorism, as ETA lost its monopoly with the arrival of islamic terror. At the same time, over the past 18 months many accused of key ETA roles have been arrested. Yet, while terrorism is now regarded in a different way, the Basque 'problem' continues to be a major theme in the news and the political agenda. more >>

News Theme: Big events in 2005, 400th anniversary of El Quijote

In 2005 is the 400th anniversary of the mother of all novels, Cervantes' Don Quijote, a book written under the eyes of the Spanish Inquisition but which expresses many ideas and quotes scripture at large. Evangelicals have not missed this fact and are hard at work to point out the references! more >>

News theme: weather and winter travel

Spain is not, contrary to its image, permanent summer! The tourist season is limited, even at coastal areas, except in the Canary Islands, to half the year. Winter, especially inland, is far harsher than it is in (mostly) mild Britain, so far further north. more >>

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