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April 29th, resumé.

(Church and Sport news click more) Zapatero meets Chirac today, following meeting with Schroeder, to take Spain into French-German group in EU; May Day demonstrations planned against terrorism; US troops replace the Spanish contingent in Najaf; one of the last 3/11 suspects arrested in Leganés, Madrid; Basque government accepts ruling of Constitutional Tribunal re. Basque Autonomy law, allowing its discussion in parliament, but rejecting the current text as unconstitutional; Terra attempting to sell Lycos portal for 2% of the price it paid in 2000; El Mundo has published a major article condemning all parties in the investigations: government, socialist party, different police and security services, etc.. and coming to the conclusion that the Leganés suicide conveniently covers up what really happened and why - new government will have unified direction of national police and civil guard more >>

Socialists unilaterally withdraw troops from Iraq

18th April. In an astonishingly rapid move, just 24 hours after taking office, new president Zapatero has unilaterally decided to withdraw the Spanish peace-keeping force in Iraq. more >>

Suspected terrorists commit spectacular suicide in Leganés flat, south of Madrid

4th April and later. On Saturday 3rd April, seven suspected members of the 3/11 terrorist group commited suicide by blowing themselves up in a flat in the town of Leganés, just south of Madrid. among them were the principal suspects still at large. more >>

3/11 investigations, resumé end March

27th March. Just over two weeks after the terrorist bombings in Madrid, the Spanish police have made good progress in their investigations: 20 have been arrested, including (as accused) the man who stole the explosive, the man who made the bombs, who also placed some and another who placed the bombs, plus the location where they were made and the vehicle they used to get to the start of their rail journey. Three key suspects, including the supposed gang leader, are still missing. more >>

News theme: Royal Wedding

On May 22nd, 2004 the Prince Felipe will get married to Letizia Ortiz. As can be imagined, this has aroused much interest, not only in Spain, but also around the world. more >>

News theme: Spain and Iraq

Spain is particularly in the news due to its position on Iraq, closely linking itself with Washington under the Aznar government. Recently, the new socialist government has unilaterally decided to withdraw its troops, after an ultimatum that the UN must take command was rejected both by the allies and the UN itself. more >>

News Theme: Big events in 2004, Holy Year for Santiago and Forum of the Cultures in Barcelona, 500th anniversary of the death of Queen Isabel I

This year, three major long-running events will dominate the Spanish 'cultural diary'. They are the Año Jacobeo, or Holy Year of Pilgrimage to Santiago in Galicia, the Forum of the Cultures in Barcelona and the 500th anniversary of the deat of Isabel I, founder of the Spanish Inquisition. The first two, particularly, will draw many thousands of visitors, curious to see what is going on or perhaps committed to a particular expression of spirituality. more >>

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