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Arise, Spain and SHINE!

Bulletin nº6 (August '03)

And the Spirit said to Phillip: " ..... " Acts 8

'"I'VE ALREADY RECEIVED THE GOSPEL, but I wanted to met one of you so that you could explain it to me." This is the testimony of a North African who on an earlier occasion had received a packet with the Jesus video, the New testament and a booklet for children in Arabic and French, one of the ones handed out over the past years to the two million North Africans who cross Spain by car to the ferry ports on their way home for their holidays. As with Phillip and the Ethiopian, the meeting of this man with a member of the Operation Transit team was a divine encounter. The Holy Spirit prepares the person, speaks to the evangelist so that he (or she) will go up to the person, gives the words to say and produces in him the conviction of sin and need to repent. The evangelistic activity of this summer is not just the campaign as such, but also a testimony to friends, neighbours and above all family. Let us pray for more divine encounters between team members -on all the campaigns- and others who have already had contact or been prepared to receive the Gospel. Pray that all over Spain and also among those believers on holiday or at home, people like you and me can be that Phillip, attent on heariing the voice of the Spirit to share the Gospel with that eunuch who is already open to God's voice but who needs someone to lead him to that salvation.

"We praise you, Lord for your love for all men. Thank you for calling us to be messengers of your salvation. We pray this summer, Lord, that you will not allow us to take down our guard, whether at home or on holiday, but that you will rather help us to take up all the armour of God." Pray that this be the case for you, as well as for the Spanish church members!

Pray specifically this month for the following regions: Asturias, La Rioja, Balearic Islands, as well as the Principality of Andorra More info:

New event for the Prayer Calendar:

August 14-24 Campaign in Brunete, Madrid 'Good News' (new) churches, led by Manolo Cerezo

Other on-going outreach:

In Algete, Madrid, the Cale Calvario church of Torrejón de Ardoz is working to establish a church. In particular, the ask prayer for a youth group. This small town is homa, among other things, to the national headquarters of the Jehovah's Witnesses, also the centre for their printing presses for all of Latin America.(The JWs are quite strong in Spain and probably have almost as many members as the evangelical churches. Pray also that JWs, who are obviously open to the teaching of the Bible, will find the truth in God's Word.)