Calendar of Evangelistic and other significant events

Current activities

Easter Day (24th April) has been declared International Day of Prayer for the Basque Country. In addition to prayer for the political situation and the end of ETA terrorism, the region is less evangelised than other parts of Spain. The Basque language and culture is in part the problem, since most churches have been planted among Spanish speaking migrants (initially those from other parts of Spain). You can download the prayer information here.

Regular evangelism in central Seville and Madrid

A group of churches have got together to start regular open air outreach in the centre of Sevilla, the capital of the southern region, Andalusia, using the name Reacciona Sevilla. This is somewhat similar to the outreach of Kilómetro Cero in Madrid's Puerta del Sol, which brings people from churches across the city for prayer, training and open air evangelism.

The latest project from KM0, Madrid is a vision to spread the vision and practice of open air evangelism across Europe! On the Red Box is one of very few ministries reaching out to Europe from Spain.

Summer Outreach

Baeza Square

Baeza Square

Summer is a time of opportunity for outreach. In the warm evenings many people stroll the streets and parks of the cities, while tourists and travellers are visiting the country. Besides, the members of the Spanish churches also have some more time, as most have holiday over the summer. Schools and universities are out almost 3 months. Many workers get a whole month, generally all in one go.

We hope to update this section in the coming weeks.


More can be found on the churches' calendars (in Spanish), which include activities of all sorts, including a good number of retreats and training activities.

Protestante Digital from the Evangelical Alliance
'Protestant Agenda' from the official churches' representative body, FEREDE