About moving to Spain

Not going as a 'Missionary', but planning to go 'anyway'?

Many English speaking ex-patriots (officially 225,000 British in 2004) can be found living in Spain for many reasons, particularly the retired, but also business people, language teachers, etc.. In fact, with the European Union, while things may not be quite so easy for Americans and Australians, for example, it could hardly be simpler for EU nationals, such as the British and Irish. Yet there are certainly many things to consider when planning a move and more if you are a Christian hoping to find a church just like back home.

In addition, many people want to be able to support the ministry in Spain as tent makers, like St. Paul. Opportunities abound for mixing a full time job with a time and a half ministry! Indeed, some of the best known and most respected workers in Spain earn (or have earned) their living as teachers, mostly of English, or as businessmen.

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Meanwhile, take a look at the British government recommendations for people moving abroad.

Age Concern also has an information sheet for retirees.

Read also the page about travel in Spain and the security comment.

The Govern of the Balearic islands has published this useful PDF guide for immigrants covering issues common to all Spain as well as to the Balearics specifically. 3.2MB !!

Of course, you will also find out much more by reading through the various sections About Spain, to learn about the land as a whole and in particular, the region where you hope to go.

The BBC has an occasional series on living in Spain, looking at various aspects. Here is the latest article we have noticed (1st March '09)
(11th February '09).
An earlier article summer '08

For those living at the western end of the Costa del Sol, a new shopping destination is clearly helping keep down the cost of living - paying the supermarket in sterling at Morrisons, in Gibraltar. See this BBC article (6 March '09)