Thinking of Spain as a Mission Field?

If you are considering long-term mission and Spain is on your heart, then here we will soon have some initial advice.

While you wait for this page to be completed, in the mean time, perhaps you might take a Bible School training! While it is not essential, most missionaries find it to have been most helpful to have got this behind them. There are, however, occasional opportunities for those who are not so academic.

Start praying. And gather a group of people who can pray for you as well. (Share your vision.)

And then? Get a head start with Spanish. Most Spaniards aren't good at foreign languages, although those who are bi-lingual are better. But they definitely appreciate hearing something as intimate as the Gospel in their own language, preferably with a reasonable accent! This means that you should attempt to learn Spanish Spanish, not the Latin American /'Hispanic' variety, although this is a good starter if nothing else is possible.

Travel is so reasonable these days there is no excuse for western would-be missionaries not having visited the country prior to 'arriving'. A straightforward tourist trip or holiday would be a good way to get an idea of the country without being in anyone's hair. You could learn a lot from a position of anonymity. Try finding a church by asking on the street or at the tourist information office (even if you have got the address already from our web links.) Alternatively, you may feel more drawn to getting involved short term at this stage. And if you can't afford the cost or time for a visit, inform yourself as much as possible.

Some of the recommendations from the former Spanish Foreign Missions Association (AME) can be found here. Also, see the next page.

Home advice can be found from your local missions association - click on your flag or navigate around the British Global Connections site for a mass of helpful information.

Looking for a mission agency? Cross Global Link offers this helpful check list.

Advice for senders. Global Connections offers this advice.