Seven Characteristics of those who make it in Spain

The following characteristics are taken from a lecture given by Jerry and Diana Parkerson to AME, the foreign missions' association.

  1. Spiritual renewal - Effective workers keep themselves spiritually refreshed and renewed
  2. Culture Stress - Effective workers deal properly with culture stress
  3. Servanthood - Effective missionaries seek to serve first and do their skills second.
  4. Home life - Effective workers enjoy a happy home
  5. Leadership - Effective missionaries adapt properly to national and missionary leadership
  6. Spanish style - Effective missionaries master the essential qualities that make Spain unique
  7. Hard work - Effective missionaries work hard

The Parkersons have been in Spain since 1972, serving with CAM, serving alongside the Spanish led Evangelismo en Acción. After serving in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, they are currently in Bilbao, the Basque Country.

AME is an association which brings together missions and missionaries from all backgrounds with a common goal to support one another and make possible the survival and effectiveness of missionaries in Spain, such that the Great Commission is completed here. A major part of its activities is the orientation courses which take place from time to time.

The course that this material comes from is available as an 8 hour video plus manual. It is ideally studied on Spanish soil after 'arrival' or on a preparation (not initial survey) trip.

For the course material including the Parkersons' lecture and more information, write to AME,