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The past -and future- in Spain

Chris first visited Spain in 1962, as a child. Hilde's first visit was also as a tourist as a young nurse. Chris got to know the evangelical churches while a student back in 1975, while Hilde made her first visit to the Spanish churches not long after, spending a summer helping out at a Torchbearers camp. Chris worked in Spain as a language teacher from 1978 and in '82 went full time as an itinerant evangelist with Open Air Campaigners, with responsibility for Spain. Hilde arrived in Madrid in '86, sent out by the German Missionary Fellowship (DMG) and it was not long before they got to know each other, marrying in '89.

In Hervás (Extremadura)

In Hervás (Extremadura)

Until 2001 they remained based in Madrid and in that year moved for a short placement in Extremadura. Their ministries have included evangelism, church planting, "Evangelical Religious Education" in public (state) schools and disability ministry. From '94 to 2003 they were seconded to OM, but continued also to minister with and through numerous local churches, networks and organisations, such as the Madrid City Mission, Mefi-boset (disability ministry) and the Spanish Evangelists' Conference. More can be read about the most recent years of ministry on the other pages (cf. menu).

They are now living in Mallorca.

OACI (Open Air Campaigners)

Chris has been OAC evangelist responsible for Spain since 1982, when he joined OAC. At different times this has involved different levels of activity combining with other ministries such as Religious Education in State schools, the Mefi-boset disability ministry and involvement in OM.

Chris's main involvement in OACi, is as webmaster for OACI This was completely renewed during the first half of 2004 and is in constant need of updating. Easter 2004 saw Chris leading an outreach in Córdoba and 2005 in Baeza. He has also supported several other outreaches in Spain -led by other organisations- as well as OACI's Reach The City in Vienna.

In June, 2004, Chris also took over the chairmanship of OACI's European zone, for a two year term, now extended to four years. This is not a big job, mainly meaning chairing the annual meetings. However, it does involve some more travel and encouragement activity, plus administration, as well as opportunities for evangelism.

Other current ministries and future plans

Not only does Chris webmaster Pray4Spain and OACI, but he is also webmaster for the web of the Spanish Evangelists' Conference. In addition, he helps local ministries and organisations to set up their own webs. During 2006 this involved training a sizeable team in a church in Palma, Mallorca to author and maintain their church site.

Besides the blooming internet-based and OACI ministries, Chris is also supporting missions through a number of other projects. He has a shop in Palamós, Costa Brava, which is used for a social outreach and Bible study by internet ministry. They also have a flat close-by, which is used as a base for ministry into peninsular Spain.

It is possible that some time in the future a further property will be bought (or the mainland properties sold to enable this) in Mallorca, primarily for residential use. This depends on how prices move on the island.