Welcome to the Mathiesons in Mallorca!

In Porto Petro, Mallorca

In Porto Petro, Mallorca

And welcome to our personal pages!

As you will realise, they are part of a bigger web site which you can access directly:

Thanks to Mark Howe for help with edition. This web is produced through the Carrelet project, now in its second version and it is a really versatile web-based web designer. The great thing about it is that I can be at home or anywhere where there is Internet access and keep you up to date. If I can do it with my minimum knowledge of computing, you could do a page like this, too! Just click here!

Cyberporte's Carrelet has now been around in two versions for about 6 years and is still the ideal tool for web authoring where communication of information is the key question. However, where more complex webs are needed, a new project, named Gadara is shortly to be available. It can be previewed at St. Pixels, the internet church.

To get the original news in the original Carrelet mark 1 look, just click here!


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