News from the Mathiesons, 2011

Summer 2011

Our news is finally here! You can download the PDF from here!

(And here is a greyscale printable version.)

Or if you prefer to read the bullets:

  • Hilde's pro-life activity develops. She is now learning the ropes at a local non-confessional group. In May we attended two major conferences to launch the idea nationally.
  • Web activity keeps Chris as busy as ever.
  • Local church activity keeps us both on our toes.
  • In theory Chris should take things easier, due to the 'atypical facial pain', which cuts in due to certain foodstuffs, stress and altitude. On a trip overland to Italy we discovered the altitude barrier is about 1800 metres. However, the trip was great.
  • In the Autumn the main event is likely to be the My Hope TV outreach before Christmas. Local 'Matthew' hosts are to invite friends and neighbours to watch the programme together.

P.S. Just started a Facebook page!