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26 January, resumé.

(Church and Sport news click more) Elections called for 14th March, politics warming up with promises and attacks, 77% believe PP (government) will win according to an Internet survey by El Mundo; Civil Guard major serioulsy injured by bullet in brain in Iraq anti-terrorist operation -now home, not expected to live; international 'victims of terrorism' congress opens in Madrid - 1000 attend, including victims of ETA, IRA, GIA, 9/11, etc.; accused Costa del Sol killer-rapist Tony King to apear today before magistrates ; leading Spanish Architect Santiago Calatrava has presented the final design for the transport centre at Ground Zero/WTC; 70% of the population are happy with their health, while 67% are happy with the health service, so it seems to depend on whether you need it or not -or might do soon; bad weather hits north; use of mobile phones and car radios prohibited in Spanish filling stations from today; prince Felipe and fiancée Letizia saw the Prado gallery's Manet exhibition among normal public, to surprise of many; Spanish chef Ferran adrià is top chef according to Le Monde.


Football (soccer):Madrid recovers lead Spanish league from Valencia. Madrid and Sevilla through to semi-finals of Copa del Rey with Celta and Zaragoza
Basketball: Tau Ceramica after winning first 14 games in ACB league, finally beaten by Barcelona, could not equal 15 game record of Real Madrid... now won 18/21
Motor: Paris-Dakar, Joan 'Nani' Roma wins bikes. Monte Carlo Carlos Sainz had to retire. F1, Barcelona trials Fernando Alonso in Renault faster than the Ferraris.
Tennis: Australian Open - Ferrero through to 1/4 finals
Cycling: Season starts this week; the course of the 2004 Vuelta Ciclista de España is now available - it will replace traditional climbs in the north with more exposure to Valencia, Andalusia and Extremadura. See the route at:


Gypsy churches bulldozed The Madrid City Council had bulldozed two churches belonging to the Filadelfia church which had long been on land designated in 1995 for other purposes. So far no alternative accommodation has been provided. More:

Madrid's Water supply! (EFE)
Diakonia announces next national congress The social action network of the evangelical churches, called Diakonia, is to have its third biennial congress in March, 19th to 21st, in Madrid.

TEMA, European missions conference, this New year: 90 young Spaniards attended and one made a firm commitment to crossing borders with the Gospel. Next 'Conference for the Evangelisation of Spain' gets go ahead for next year, over December 4-8 bank holiday weekend; national youth missions vision congress goes ahead next Easter: both are major national events

AC Press announces new services RedMir, owner of Ac Press and the Protestante Digital electronic magazineare happy with interest - 15,000 visits in December- and have announced new services to be introduced during 2004. These will include voice and video files on the site.

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