News, October 2004

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82 year old Fraga stands again for president in Galicia

12th September. Manuel Fraga Iribarne, president of Galicia's regional Xunta, has been unanimously named official Partido Popular candidate for the forthcoming regional elections. He has already been president for 4 terms, having started his political carreer during the Franco era, when he was minister for 'Information and Tourism', becoming Interior Minister after Franco's death and going on to found the Alianza Popular coalition in the transition and later the Partido Popular, which brought the majority of right wing politicians under a single party.

In the upcoming Partido Popular congress, many changes are expected, but among these, Fraga's official title will change to Founding president, while ex premier Aznar will take the title of President of Honour.

Update 28th September. Since the announcement of Fraga wanting to stand again, a good number of leading people within the PP in Galicia have expressed their concern. It remains to be seen what the outcome will be.