News, October 2004

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New wave of arrests as Islamics suspected of attack plan against National Court.

29 October. On the 19th seven suspected terrorists were detained for questioning about a plot to attack the national court in Madrid. Another 10 were questioned inside Spanish prisons. Today another 13 suspects have been 'arrested' (some also within prisons) around Spain. Switzerland holds the suspected cell leader, Mohamed Achraf, on an illegal immigration and false papers charge and is examining an extradition order from Spain's judge, Baltasar Garzón.

The plot involved the purchase of a truck load of explosive from ETA and blowing the whole lot in front of the court, which is located in Madrid's strategic Plaza de Castilla in the north of the city and overshadowed by the twin leaning towers built some years ago by the Kuwait Investment Office. The detainees already in prison are suspected of the contacts with ETA, among other plotting activities.

Sources: TVE, El Mundo.