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A few more news items and where to find more news about Spain:

P4S happy with first year
Demonstrators in Madrid

Demonstrators in Madrid

Once again we thank our visitors for your interest and concern for Spain. In January the number of visits reached the 2000 level for the third month in a row, despite a considerable and understandable drop in visits over Christmas. Compared to the 2,500 visits in January to the English language pages of the official news service of the evangelical churches, Protestante Digital, we are indeed delighted.

March again broke records after a slight fall in February. Due to the sad circumstances, the number of visits topped 2600 for the month, or 7000 pages viewed. The total number of visits for our first year to end February (which got off to an understandably slow start until after the summer) was over 13,000. Thank you!

N.B. After a server change in April/May, statistics have now resumed, with more detail. As at mid-July, Protestante Digital continues to be getting around 2000 visits, compared to the 1500 visits monthly to P4S after the change of server seems to have caused a dip.

Finally, more news from the churches is always available at the ACPRESS and Protestantes sites: News in English Diary in Spanish, but readable

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