Links to some national church networks and organisations

About Links

You will find links throughout prayforspain in the places where they are most likely to be useful. However, on this page you will find some of those which we consider most important to gain an overall view of the churches in Spain.

Links to English language pages

Protestante Digital News service of the Spanish Evangelical Alliance - still awaiting new English language service - sorry!
Decision A key Spanish ministry initially related to Billy Graham - Just renewed, no English pages just now, sorry!
Conferencia para la Evangelización de España Spanish Evangelists' Conference News
Spanish Gospel Mission SGM, working in central southern Spain

Links to pages in Spanish

* * * * * Protestante Digital Spanish Evangelical Alliance News Service
* * * * Actualidad Evangélica News service of the Evangelical Federation.
* The Vademecum online The oldest database of Spanish churches, now online.
* * * Emphasis on history
* * * * FEREDE Official representative body of Spanish churches

The new FEREDE site has a useful 'directorio' which could help you find member churches.

Other links with useful information about Spain can be found at National Links