The following links will put you on to sites which cover far more information than we ever pretend to achieve. Some are up to date, others a little old. We cannot agree with all the sites' philosophies or presentations or links, but they offer additional information which we need not repeat here.

The CIA's and BBC's pages are naturally well maintained, sticking to essentials, but somewhat limited. Wikipedia, on the other hand, is almost unlimited in extension. The Spanish National Statistics Institute is a rather specialised page for those really keen to keep their figure. For 2002's figures, see Spain in figures on the INE page. The official pages are informative of that sort of thing, while the tourist sites are cluttered with propaganda, but otherwise have a wealth of interesting information. CIA Information BBC Profile An open, online encyclopedia to which you could even contribute! National Statistics Office Spanish Government; lots of links to official institutions, new presentation under construction Spanish Parliament The Constitution The Spanish Royal Family's site Archive of Spanish national and regional and EU law (in Spanish) Full listing of electronic news media with links and readership data
Here are a few tourist and other sites with general information and links: The official tourist service (for agencies, stats, etc.) The official tourist page (for visitors) On Spanish Painters and the Prado Gallery Info for journalists, and others More general & tourist info About Bull fighting! A particularly attractive travel site if you want a tailor-made tour from a Bristol (post-)graduate; see the 'City Info.'