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Since the summer of 2012 we are not keeping up our news on this web, but rather via our Facebook page. Sorry for any inconvenience. News and comment on it up to the summer of 2012 can be found in our archives.

Meanwhile, Spain continues to be troubled by a recession which is exacerbated by tax rises and government cuts; major discontent in the region of Catalonia, with 1.5 million demonstrating on their 'national' day, 11th September, for independence; forest fires and various heat waves have struck more than in 2011; both ETA suspects and Al-Qaida members have been arrested... but TV sets have been tuned first to the victorious Euro 2012 football cup, followed by a rather lacklustre performance of most Spanish athletes in the Olympics and slightly better Paralympics. Further news can be read at the recommended news sites (scroll down).

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